Thursday, March 13, 2014

Re -

I just wanted to make a note here saying that we haven't disappeared completely.  We're taking a break to do some recording and rebuild, as it were.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ballroom Mashup - Chestnut Center - Nov 16th

Just wanted to drop in and give an update.  This November 16th we'll be hosting an event in Marshfield at the Chestnut Center called Ballroom Mashup.  The idea behind this event is to combine some of the best local bands and DJs in an effort to create a party atmosphere the likes of which Marshfield has never seen!  We're super stoked to be doing this and hosting these great bands.

NuTron Productions presents:

Ballroom MashUp (an all-ages concert event)

When: Saturday Nov. 16, 2013 (5pm – 12am)

Where: Chestnut Avenue Center for the Arts | 208 S. Chestnut Ave, Marshfield, WI

Cost: $7 cover charge at the door – no presales available


The Fine Constant (Experimental Progressive Metal)

Back again in Marshfield, Wisconsin, The Fine Constant is an experimental progressive metal band from Madison, Wisconsin featuring the shred queen, Sarah Longfield. The band formed in May of 2012 when Sarah reached out to her compatriots in an attempt to begin performing her solo material in a live setting. Within a just few short weeks the line-up was solidified. Months of touring, writing, and collaborating are soon to follow.

Neato Fa Neato (Rock/Reggae/Jam)

Neato fa NEATO is a raging rollercoaster of melodies and hooks reminiscent of boyhood dreams, follies, and aspirations. Their unique blend of reggae jams overlaid with hip hop and intelligent rhymes sets the stage for an all-night dance party. With an assortment of influences ranging from Sublime to Outkast, and the black keys to the Redhot Chili Peppers, Neato fa Neato knows how to bring the booms and fill the rooms.

Also performing:

Dublicit + Tree (Dubstep/Trap)

Wausau’s very own Dublicit started DJing/Producing in early 2011, and is someone to keep an eye on in the future. Don’t miss this special tag team set with DJ Tree as these two lay down the latest in bass music.

Drama We Cause (Dubstep/Remix)

From Green Bay, Wisconsin, Drama We Cause is an electronic rock group/DJ duo made up of Brent Harkonen and Nate Leigh. They have set their sights on making up-tempo electronic music, and are known for their exciting party atmosphere which engages the crowd in numerous ways. Use of beach balls and lights are a par of every show, along with the young talents they love to express.

Cellophane Superstars (Electro/Rock)

Marshfield, Wisconsin’s very own Cellophane Superstars is a project started by guitarist Aaron Kaplan and producer Ryan Summers. Together the two blend elements of folk and classical guitar with heavy riffs, squelchy synths, roaring baselines and hard-hitting beats to create a sound that stands apart from anything today. Between the insane and the profane there's the cellophane.

Indigibliss (Stomp/Roots/Rock)

When everything is questionable, the rejuvenating sounds of Indidgibliss are the answer. Come share in the delight, and let your heart and mind be coddled.

Firefly Lighting & Sound (light show)
Having provided lighting for such acts as Bubba Sparxxx, Nappy Roots, Saliva, Taproot, Bobaflex, EOTO, FIGURE, and Cyberoptics to name a few, this light show promises to deliver!

More info: | 715.389.8999
This is an all-ages event with no drugs, alcohol, weapons, or bad vibes allowed!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The CDs are in!

We'll be selling these puppies at future shows.  Speaking of which, we've got some gigs in the works, so stay tuned for the details!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Madison Show - Mr. Roberts - 9/21

The rumors are true!  We will be playing at Mr. Roberts in Madison, WI this September 21st.  Guests include Cherriersongs and possibly one other band.  Show starts around 9ish.  Get ready MADISON!!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Debut Album "W.A.D." Hits Stores On 5/20 With A Splat!

Well, it's the moment we've all been waiting for. That moment when the W.A.D. is finally released in all it's warm and gooie goodness! As our eyes roll back in pure ecstacy, we have only a few more days before this album hits the big music sites. Expect it to show up on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, Spotify and many others next week on 5/20. We can't tell you how utterly excited we are to be finished with this project.

But don't feel like you need to buy W.A.D.! No way... We want to make it easy for anybody to access our music and use it in the manner they choose. Right now we have the full album available as a free download on Soundcloud. So, pirate that shit! Give W.A.D. to a special friend... Do what you gotta do... It's all good!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New videos with more on the way!

Check out the "Watch" section for new videos.  There are plenty more on the way from this weekend as well, so don't change that frequency!

My favorite thus far:

Monday, February 11, 2013

Rollin' On...

Thanks to everybody who stuck around to see us at The Speakeasy this Saturday!  And a big thanks to the Awesome Mother Pluckers and The Speakeasy for having us play.  Nothing beats shaking up a room with massive bass and screaming guitar!  We're preparing videos from the show on Saturday, so stay tuned!

Tomorrow we're going to tone it down a notch and play a short, acoustic set at The Chestnut Center in Marshfield.  So if you're in the area, come down and check it.

WAD out...